Preparing for Your State Board Exams

  • This program is for students whose license expired, or those who finished their training at another institution but have not taken state exams. If you have met all other licensure requirements and only need to take the practical and/or written state exam(s), then contact us now!

  • We can provide training and support to ensure success throughout the process - from signing up for the exam(s) to applying for your license.

PLEASE NOTE: If you only need to purchase an exam kit (no exam prep training), then you can purchase one from our sister site: Cosmetology Exam Kit.


  • Cosmetology Exam Prep Package: $1000

  • Barber Exam Prep Package: $500

  • Esthetician Exam Prep Package: $500

  • Nail Technician Exam Prep Package: $500


  • One-on-one Training Sessions: These sessions are personalized according to each student’s individual needs. For this reason, the length and frequency of these sessions may vary from student to student. On average, students need between 2-5 training sessions, 2-3 hours per session.

  • Exam Kit: We will prepare a well-organized kit for each student. Each kit comes with 95% of everything you need for every section of the Practical Exam.

  • Written Exam Prep Account: Each student will receive an online account with access to hundreds of questions to help you study for your Written.


These packages do NOT include exam registration fee and licensing fee. Students are responsible for paying these fees directly to the Department of Licensing. These fees are listed below:

  • Written exam registration fee: $180

  • Practical exam registration fee: $114

  • License application fee: $30 (plus a $5 processing fee)